Sam Henig

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About Yitzy

I have 12 years of E-commerce Experience. I have worked with multiple companies to grow their Ecom sales to 7 and 8 figures. I love E-commerce. And I love helping companies grow. That is another reason why I do Recruiting as a side gig, it’s my passion to help others. I’m a simple, quiet guy that does not make a lot of noise, but my results speak for itself. Whoever knows me personally, knows what I’m capable of.

I’ve helped place people in companies doing over 6 figures, and are constantly growing. They are truly happy, and are now able to provide for their families. It brings me joy to see both the candidate and the company truly satisfied. Money aside, it is something I do as a passion. Being a matchmaker for Parnassah is something that lights me up inside.

I enjoy networking in the Ecom and Business space, locally or all around the world.

I jump out of bed as early as possible, if I know that I’ll be travelling that day, it’s something that I love doing.

I’ve attended many Ecom events to soak in the knowledge and most importantly connect with the right people. Events all around the Globe. I’ve even helped large event planners with bring in 8 and 9 figure sellers to speak at their events. I connect really well with those sellers, maybe because of my unique personality.

That is me in a nutshell, if you ever wondered who I am😊